Diego Galar Pascual

Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Head Of Maintenance & Reliability
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Moritz von Plate

Hitachi ABB Power Grids

VP Business Development
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Ursula Smolka


Lead Consultant
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Kristian Holm

Equinor ASA

Manager, Wind Turbine Technology
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Thomas Humphries

Cognitive Business Ltd

Director of Technology & Co-Founder
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Mercedes Irujo


Head of Wind Energy Innovations
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Thomas Burchhart


Head of Technical Department & Project Management
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Michael Wilkinson

DNV GL - Energy

Global Segment Leader, Energy Digitalization
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Leveraging Digital Innovation to Optimize Windfarm Performance, Enhance Efficiency, Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue!!

Digitalization has become a worldwide focus and the race to become the global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly competitive, with many countries, including Canada, China, and the UK releasing strategies in the last twenty months to promote the use and development of IoT, machine learning (ML), advanced analytics and digitization.

Wind energy is one of the most innovative, forward-looking and fast-paced industry sectors. With the wind energy cost continuing to fall below the cost of coal and gas in some countries, wind energy asset owners and operators are redefining their approach to operations and maintenance (O&M) through adopting technologies that introduce greater efficiencies and streamline processes. Many have invested, and are continuing to invest, in predictive maintenance solutions, which combine improved SCADA data analytics, CMS systems, and oil monitoring with AI and machine learning.








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The two-day event provides leading insights for both developers and operators looking to exploit new market opportunities and improve operational efficiency in Wind Turbine sensor data and Wind O&M.

The Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum has been scheduled to critically analyse practical insights for Big Data in wind farm and Wind turbine, SCADA at wind farms and also Wind power plant management in order to improve Wind Power farms reliability, sustainability, and overall performance. Attendees will gather to discuss the importance of data-driven predictive maintenance and develop an optimized strategy for their Wind Farm performance. Advanced data analytics and Integrated Big Data platforms based on IoT develop analytical opportunities for planning and forecasting, revealing the bright future for the Wind industry.

Don’t miss a chance to join our virtual event where we would be disclosing practical insights for not just Wind power plant management, but also Power Curve Upgrade (PCU), High Wind Ride through (HWRT) and Wind farm data architecture, in order to develop a clear digital strategy.

Attendees will receive the roadmap for obtaining Wind Turbine Performance Monitoring and Wind Turbine Health/Reliability analysis in the age of digital transformation and get an overview of the forefront tools and techniques ensuring flawless wind farm performance. The Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum will offer the ideal space for networking and interaction, making the most of wind power big data technologies.

During the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum,  wind farms operators/owners, renewable energy companies, wind turbine manufacturers, engineering firms, technology innovation and research centres and platforms, innovation and transformation consultancies and other solution and service providers in the wind energy sector will be sharing the insights on digital technologies in the European and global wind industry. Join Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads/Managers, Engineers, Group/Team leaders in the discussion on reducing O&M costs, preventing failure and improving reliability of assets at wind farms

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