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Leveraging digital innovation for more smart(er) offshore wind O&M offer potential to achieve significant cost savings, enhance performance and reliability.

Offshore wind energy is one of the world’s most underused resources, with less than one-tenth of wind power based offshore. But the Global Wind Energy Council projects that by 2023 it will account for almost one-quarter of world wind generation.

The current pace of renewable energy development around the world is unprecedented, with offshore wind in particular proving to be an extremely valuable and reliable energy source. In June 2018, it was revealed that the global portfolio of offshore wind stood at delivering 105GW when fully constructed and also the operation and maintenance of offshore wind farm assets accounts for around 40 percent of the combined, undiscounted lifetime CAPEX and OPEX costs

Efficiencies in operations and maintenance (O&M) offer potential to achieve significant cost savings as it accounts for around 20% – 30% of overall offshore wind farm costs. This effectively calls for the digitization of the offshore wind to achieve the required optimization to enhance continuous maintenance of the offshore wind and assets. One of such recent innovation, is “Digital Twin” has been developed to improve the operations and maintenance of offshore wind farms by combining real-world turbine operating data with numerical modelling, to improve understanding and enable a risk-based approach to maintenance activities, thereby reducing unplanned activities, improving health and safety and reducing costs.

Offshore Wind Operation and Maintenance Forum has been put together to carefully explore how industry experts can leverage the large amounts of data generated by our offshore wind farms to introduce cost saving efficiencies to offshore wind O&M operations. The Forum showcases the best strategies and practices in Offshore wind technology design, operation, maintenance and safety in order to optimize reliability, accessibility, and vessel deployment costs. 







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About the event

Offshore Wind Operation and Maintenance Forum brings together expert and professionals in Offshore wind, Renewable energy, Offshore O&M and Green energy with the sole aim to identify key solutions to the challenges associated with O&M Wind Offshore. The event is aimed to effectively Highlight the core benefits in the effective maintenance of Offshore wind Turbines, Discover the mechanics of the clean energy production technology, Offshore O&M cost and risk reduction strategies and finally Identify future O&M innovation.

It is also scheduled to provide participants with the tools to manage and handle issues involving maintenance and operation (O&M) of Offshore wind and Wind turbines.

The forum will offer an ideal space for networking with industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, and practitioners operating in the industries and making the most of offshore wind technologies. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this insightful gathering as it promises to be value adding experience for industry players and practitioners.

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