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Hydropower has contributed significantly in the industrial development of Europe for a long time. It is a fact that a growing number of aged hydropower plants need refurbishment and modernization to make them more flexible and to achieve hydro turbine efficiency and reliability. This transformation process is highly challenging and can be reached only through innovative solutions. Digitalization of hydropower is essential to improve the performance of hydropower plants by optimizing asset management and reducing operation and maintenance costs. Digital solutions also help to access and analyze right data in order to derive actionable insights for making right decision at right time and support to enhance efficiency.








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Hydropower Plant Digitalization Forum will gather hydro plant owners and operators, energy companies, Innovation and Technology Centres, Center of scientific excellence in research and development of hydraulic machines, companies specializing in cloud-based automation technology, consulting companies in the hydropower field, and solution and service providers at the nicely situated Eurostars Hotel in Berlin. The discussion will evolve around digitalization. cybersecurity vulnerabilities and mitigating measures, role of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain in hydropower industry, leveraging advanced condition monitoring & predictive maintenance for hydro O&M. Join Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads/Managers, Advisors/Consultants in the discussion about digitalization of hydropower plants for improving asset management and performance.

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