Propelling Wind Industry forward with Digitalization: How Digital Technologies led to a Paradigm shift in Wind Farm Operations

Windpower Digital Innovation-Leadvent Group

Operation of a wind farm has been challenging since the early period of technology. The operators have been spending precious time and resources to overcome uncertainties brought by wind. However, in the recent years, digital technologies stepped in to mitigate these uncertainties. Examples from the industry show that early adopters of digitalization are already benefiting from it.

IoT and Big Data analytics are in the center of digitalization and they are indeed the game changers of the industry. Their value proposition is simple:  Collect and analyze a vast amount of data to eliminate the unknown. Which is the best spot to erect a wind turbine? How much energy will the wind farm produce? When exactly a turbine requires maintenance? How will the weather be? These are the unknowns of the wind industry and Big Data analytics, together with IoT can answer them all.

Operators, empowered with the answers to these questions can drive their costs down. For instance, natural language generation is a Big Data analytics application that instantaneously converts an enormous amount of operational data into easy-to-understand texts. In a way, it acts like a very fast senior engineer in the field who guides the workers. Some algorithms managed to achieve forecasting the wind speed with over 90% accuracy, while some companies decreased their preliminary site investigation time from weeks to hours. These are only a few examples of what digitalization could bring to wind industry.

Leadvent Group is organizing the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum. The latest updates and cutting-edge technologies will be discussed at the Forum by experts from industry leading companies, research centers and universities. It is a unique opportunity to learn from the best professionals of the field. Take your place among them and keep up with the latest activities of Big Data and IoT in wind industry!

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